Wedge Bridesmaid Shoes: Comfort, Versatility and Style

Last updated on August 9th, 2016 at 03:54 pm

wedge bridesmaid shoes

Wedge bridesmaid shoes are regarded heaven-sent by millions of bridesmaids across the world. This type of shoe design is regarded the best compromise between comfort and fashion, a woman can still enjoy the height advantage of a high-heel shoe, with more stability and coverage. All wedge bridesmaid shoes are primarily characterized by a thick heel that usually is made from one piece of material.

Wedge bridesmaid shoes come in a variety of designs and variations. There are wedge bridesmaid shoes with extremely high heels, usually from three to five inches total. The overall height of a wearer increases considerably compared to wearing stilettos, because a wedge also adds height to the toe area with its additional platform. However, there are also some wedge designs that are moderate in height. The materials used also vary. One of the most popular types of wedge bridesmaid shoes are those with soles made of cork. These are lightweight and very comfortable. They are usually worn during summer or spring wedding, for a more casual look.

There are also some types or designs of wedge bridesmaid shoes that can be used for formal occasions, such as those with plastic or Lucite heels. Because the sole and heel are made of transparent material, the shoe gives the illusion that the wearer is floating on air. This type of shoe is also very versatile since it is virtually colorless. It can be worn with any color dress and matched with any type of accessories. There are also wedge shoes with soles made of rubber or wood.

Wedge bridesmaid shoes are also very versatile and fun to play around with when mixing and matching different outfits and articles of clothing. For instance, a nice billowy peasant dress or skirt would look great paired with a platform wedge made of cork, or an espadrille-type of wedge. On the other hand, slim pants can be paired with a nice pair of moderately high wedges, preferably made of leather or fabric.

The great thing about wedge bridesmaid shoes these days is that they are designed and constructed to be more sturdy and long-lasting. Considering that this type of shoe has become popular in certain periods over the past few decades, it can already be considered a type of classic or staple in a woman’s wardrobe. It would be wise to invest in a pair of this type of shoes, along with other fashion necessities such as black pumps or stilettos. Looking for elegant wedge bridesmaid shoes? Here, we’ve selected some of them for your ideas and inspirations.

wedge bridesmaid shoes with rhinestones

Above >> wedge bridesmaid shoes with rhinestones. The perfect combination of a modern wedge and peep toe design accented with all over rhinestones makes this style in a league of it’s own. These shoes are available at this shop. Find out more elegant and gorgeous flat bridesmaid shoes from this website. 🙂 😉

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