Vintage Wedding Invitations – For Romantic and Timeless Wedding

vintage wedding invitations

Vintage wedding invitations are a popular choice for brides who are seeking for something a bit different for their wedding stationery. Vintage designs add a touch of romance to your wedding celebration. Vintage wedding invitations remind guests of a bygone eras, traditions and old fashion etiquette.

Distressed colors and materials generate an authentic feel to your wedding stationery. You can combine the distressed look with pastel or muted colors rather than bright colors. Lately, lace wedding invitations have become popular, whether it be designs decorated with real lace or a printed pattern. Printing the patterns allows a flexibility with styles and colors. Where as real lace ribbon adds a texture and luxury feel to your wedding stationery.

Another popular choice for vintage wedding invitations is the printing technique of letterpress. Letterpress printing uses wooden or metal blocks to press ink onto the invitations. This technique creates an impression and is normally printed on very thick card or board. Letterpress printing is more expensive than other printing techniques due to the setting up time for the equipment. However, the quality and beauty of the printing technique is outstanding.

If you are searching for ideas or inspirations on wedding invitations with vintage look, here we’ve selected some of the most wonderful vintage wedding invitations . . . 🙂 Enjoy and get you inspired! Have a look at the first photo above. These vintage rustic wedding invitations are credited to this blog.

vintage wedding invitations siji
vintage wedding invitations loro

Above >> vintage wedding invitations. See the details here.

vintage wedding invitations telu

Above >> vintage wedding invitations with unique design. More info here.

retro vintage wedding invitations

Above >> retro vintage wedding invitations. See more info here.

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