Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings – Understanding Four Eras

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vintage diamond engagement rings

Vintage diamond engagement rings are frequently handcrafted solitaire diamond rings with a touch of the past. New rings don’t come with the uniqueness and historical value had by vintage rings. The majority of today’s jewelry is bulk-produced by machines while vintage rings were usually hand crafted dramatically lessening their commonality. There are hundreds if not thousands of identical twins of new rings hitching a ride on the hand of humans. As styles alter some of these vintage diamond engagement rings will be destroyed for use in new jewelry adding to the uniqueness of those remaining rings. [photo credit]

vintage diamond engagement ring

The past eras were all different and given a good collection of ring styles. Luckily, many of today’s designs are similar to the styles of these past eras. The more current vintage eras consist of the Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Retro. [photo credit]

Victorian Era 1837 to 1901 – The Victorian Era gives a nice range of designs because of different periods within the long era. Lasting for more than 60 years from 1837 until 1901 the era was named after Queen Victoria of Great Britain and was divided up into the Early Victorian (Romantic), the Mid Victorian (Grand), and the Late Victorian (Aesthetic). The Romantic Period styles were a product of the Queen dictating the appropriate etiquette for which gems use and gold becoming scarce. Practices such as filigree and piercing were used to present the look of more mass with minimal gold. The Grand Period began as a result of Victoria’s husband passing away. During this period vintage rings had a tendency to have darker stones and a more serious design. The Aesthetic Period yielded designs with a fun style and included moons, stars, and dragons.

beautiful vintage diamond engagement rings

Edwardian Era 1901 to 1910 – The Edwardian era was one of the shorter eras for vintage diamond engagement rings though; it was the start of some significant changes. Flourishing wealth in the upper and middle class together with women moving up in society were two of the primary reasons for these changes. Vintage rings styles followed clothing styles becoming more light, lacy, and flexible. Platinum grew in popularity and its strength permitted settings with tiny prongs creating a nearly invisible gem setting. Popular gems included diamonds, pearls, and amethyst. [photo credit]

antique vintage diamond engagement rings

Art Nouveau / Art Deco Eras 1895 to 1935 – Even though these are two distinct eras, vintage diamond engagement rings from these two time periods are repeatedly grouped together. Both eras were the result of major events. For Art Nouveau it was the Industrial Revolution while for Art Deco it was World War I. For the most part the two styles can be summarized with just a few concepts. With Art Nouveau the vintage rings will be designed with natural styles in mind, such as flowers and insects. With Art Deco the designs will be based on geometry and symmetry providing for a more streamlined look. [photo credit]

vintage round cut diamond engagement ring

Retro, Vintage 1930s-1980s – This is the era with the largest selection of vintage diamond engagement rings, as it is the more recent era. Yet diamonds were losing their appeal during this time. A lot of precious materials including gold and silver were having a shortage due to WWII. This meant that costly jewelry had more metal and the gem had less importance. Yellow and rose gold gained in popularity. The gems that were used typically were less precious yet large and bright gems. [photo credit]

To complete the ideas of engagement rings with vintage styles, here we’ve selected some of the most gorgeous vintage diamond engagement rings, enjoy them!

vintage white gold diamond engagement rings

Above >> vintage white gold diamond engagement ring. Available here.

vintage white gold diamond engagement ring

Above >> vintage 14 karat yellow white gold diamond engagement ring. Available here.

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