Unique Wedding Invitations

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unique wedding invitations

Choosing unique wedding invitations not only lets your guests know what to expect on the day, but they also tell your guests a little something about what you and your intended are like as a couple. You may have invited several people who have not seen much of you; perhaps distant relatives or friends who live across the country, who have not been in town for years. It is also possible that you and your intended are going to invite distant relatives or friends who have not met the person you are about to marry. Sending unique wedding invitations, chosen to reflect who you are as a couple, is a great way to ‘introduce yourselves’ to those guests who may not yet have met you both. Opt for invitations that reflect your personalities, your future life together as a couple, or even a hobby the two of you enjoy together. Your wedding invitations are a symbol of the moment at which you officially announced your plans to the world, to let everyone know of your intent to marry, so selecting unique invitations is necessary. Choosing unique wedding invitations is a wonderful way of letting the world know that your life together as a married couple starts now!

Take a look at the first photo above. These unique wedding invitations are available at this website.

unique wedding invitation

Above is a unique and funny wedding invitation. Visit this website for more information.

unique wedding invitation sample

Above >> unique wedding invitation samples. Visit this blog for more unique wedding invitations.

fun and unique wedding invitations

Above >> fun and unique wedding invitations. I am head over heels for these unique, woodsy wedding invites by Cape Town, South Africa-based wedding invitation design studio, Seven Swans. The laser cut invitation card is awesome, as is the sewn booklet containing the card and a beautiful photo of the happy couple. Such fun and unique wedding invitations!

custom unique wedding invitations

Above >> custom unique wedding invitations.

unique wedding invitations with cd

Above >> unique wedding invitation ideas from CD.

unique wedding invitation ideas with calendar

Above >> unique wedding invitation ideas with calendar. Visit this blog for more details and find out more other unique wedding invitations from this blog . . . 🙂

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