Impressive Wedding Arch Decorations

Wedding Arch Decorations

The first impression your guests gather at your wedding reception has something to do with your arch decoration. The arch is the main entrance to the reception site and everyone entering will form an opinion about the reception in general with a casual look at the arch decoration. So why wouldn’t you impress your visitors right from the start with impressive arch decorations?

Ideas of Wedding Arch Decorations

There are one thousand and one arch decoration styles that you can adopt for your reception site. We consider the major ones which are easy to implement and will fit any theme or style.

The balloon arch – It is the most common of all the arch decorations. It is easy to do and very colorful. This type of decor allows for expression of the favorite colors of the couple and sets the tone for a merry making event. The decoration calls for special balloons and it is advisable that you set them up just before the event so they do not burst off before the visitors arrive.

Grape vines and silk strands – They also make good arch decor. This type needs expert hands for optimum effect. You can tie the silk in ribbon style or leave them to flow. Again, the colors you choose must reflect the theme and season. The vines should be artificially entwined to give it an elegant look. You would also have to pick stems that are not too dry and have deep green pigment.

Flowers – Many opt for the flower decoration. Here, you have flowers throughout. You will have to choose flowers that are strong, have thick branches and will not wilt easily upon exposure to sunlight. The flowers must again reflect the season but essentially contain enough greenery to give it a natural effect.

Your arch is the main route of entry to your reception site. Put all the decoration you have there and impress your guests right from the start. {}

Best Seller Wedding Arch Decorations

Artificial Fake Wisteria Vine Wedding Arch Decoration

Artificial Fake Wisteria Vine Hanging Garland Silk Flowers String Home Party Wedding Decor

  • Natural-looking flowers, Full and soft petals, vivid realistic and lifelike, looked more natural and beautiful, perfect for wedding decoration, table arrangement or elegant home decoration, also suitable for outdoor.
  • The wisteria flowers well made and vibrantly colored-looks and feels just like real flowers, Pure natural style, simple and elegant, Easy to wash and keep clean, Simple installation, beautiful wedding home party decoration.
  • The artificial hanging flowers vine are perfect for wedding bouquet, party, office decoration ,decor, altar, church, corsages, pew bows, reception centerpieces, You can hang it on the wall, doors, swing, mirrors and anywhere as you like to enjoy with artificial leaves vine.

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