Diamond Engagement Rings – Love, Faith, Fidelity and Celebration

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diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are proudly and traditionally worn by a bride-to-be as a powerful symbol that she is “taken” and will soon be married to her true love. The ring is seen as an indication of love, faith, fidelity, celebration, and the wealth of the groom. By placing the ring on his soon-to-be-wife, the groom gives the world an outward demonstration that he not only loves his bride, but also can afford to marry her and take her from her father’s care. Diamond engagement rings, with their perfect clarity and indestructible nature, have come to symbolize the purity and eternal commitment between a man and his wife.

diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement rings, passion and intrigue are inseparable. Why else would a reasonable man give his lover a $5,000, 10,000 or $25,000 diamond engagement ring? The answer is simple. Men give diamond engagement rings to women that awaken their passion. Not only are men and women passionate about diamonds, the diamonds themselves have been recognized to awaken a romantic passion since ancient times.

beautiful diamond engagement rings

The clarity of the diamond engagement ring is essential to a lot of brides. Clear white diamonds of SI-1 or SI-2 have no carbon specks or flaws. The majority of diamond engagement rings must pass rigorous tests by the Gemologist International Association to be declared IF-VS2 clarity, and are considered to be either Ideal or Premium cut. Alternatively, a number of buyers actually have a preference to have a carbon speck deeply embedded in their diamond as a reminder that the diamond is a creation of nature, formed from the blackest carbon into a thing of timeless beauty.

solitaire diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are frequently designed, cast and sold in the same romantic locations as famous movies. Locations such as Hollywood, New York City, London, Los Angeles, Paris, etc. have been the scenes of many famous moving featuring stunning diamond engagement rings and jewelry. The famous designers, movie stars, millionaires and thieves that have bought, sold, stolen and given their women diamonds for one reason – the passion & intrigue of true love.

For your ideas and consideration, here we’ve selected some of the most wonderful diamond engagement rings. Enjoy them!

white gold diamond engagement rings

Above >> white gold diamond engagement ring. This ring is available at this website.

platinum diamond engagement rings

Above >> platinum diamond engagement ring. [photo credit]

perfect diamond engagement ring

Above >> perfect diamond engagement ring. Find more information on this ring here and get more wonderful diamond engagement rings from this website.

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