Creative DIY Wedding Favors

diy wedding favors

If you choose DIY or do-it-yourself wedding favors, you will have some benefits. With DIY wedding favors, you can save more money. You can also be more creative with wedding favors made by yourself. There are a lot of ideas for do-it-yourself wedding favors. For your ideas and inspirations, here we’ve selected some creative DIY wedding favors. Enjoy and inspire you! 🙂

Above >> stylish DIY wedding favors. Photo credited to this blog.

diy cookie wedding favors

Above >> DIY cookie wedding favors.

diy confetti wedding favors

Above >> DIY confetti wedding favors. Photo credited to this blog.

diy lemonade bottles wedding favors

Above >> DIY lemonade bottles wedding favors.

various diy wedding favors

Above >> various DIY wedding favors.

diy wedding favor place holder

Above >> DIY wedding favor place holder.

diy creative wedding favor

Above >> DIY creative wedding favor.

diy edible wedding favor

Above >> DIY edible wedding favor.

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