Blue Bridesmaid Shoes: How to Get the Perfect Ones

Last updated on July 28th, 2018 at 09:07 pm

blue bridesmaid shoes

Blue bridesmaid shoes? So, you have you selected blue shoes for your bridesmaids, but don’t know how to narrow down all of the choices. Then, you need to read some advice below from a bridal stylist so you can find the perfect blue bridesmaid shoes for your lovely bridesmaids.

First of all, you need to look at your wedding colors that you’ve selected. Have you selected a light blue, a turquoise, a royal blue or a navy blue? Ideally, the shoes should match your colors. Blue comes in so many different shades that you should ensure you know the shade before going to shop for those blue bridesmaid shoes. Also, take a look at the flowers that you’ve selected for your own bouquet. The shade of blue that you’ve preferred in the flowers should direct you to the best shade of blue for your bridesmaid shoes. If you can’t find that exact shade, don’t worry. Just go for something similar.

Next, think through the style. Do you wish for a completely blue shoe such as a pump where the blue is really noticeable? Or, do you want sandals that are more strappy and simple so the blue is only on the straps? It’s up to you what type of splash you want to make with your bridesmaid shoes. Blue satin bridesmaid shoes will make a bigger splash than strappy light blue shoes. So, think through what type of contrast you want and then select the shoe style. For your ideas, here we’ve selected some elegant blue bridesmaid shoes.

Have a look at the first photo above. Gorgeous pair of 4 inch royal blue bridesmaid shoes adorned with crystal bling. These shoes are also perfect for any dress up occasion! Large crystal cluster and an abundance of crystals will have you sparkling with every step you take.

blue bridesmaid shoes with low heel

Above >> blue bridesmaid shoes with low heel. These navy blue shoes for the bridesmaids are designed with sling back and open toe. A bow with crystals is placed to beautify these blue bridesmaid footwear. Available at ebay.

blue bridesmaid shoes with high heel

Above >> blue bridesmaid shoes with high heel. These bridesmaid pumps are designed with closed toe and decorated with rhinestones. Great for summer wedding.

blue bridesmaid shoes with lace

Above >> blue bridesmaid shoes with lace. These peep toe Tiffany Blue ( Robbin Blue Egg / Robbin Eggshell) colored bridesmaid shoes are made from high quality satin, french lace and genuine cow leather. The shoe back counter and lining are made from genuine leather. This handcrafted masterpiece has a flawless layer of champagne colored french lace stitched on top of a layer of matching champagne satin fabric. The bow is made from matching satin fabric. Find out other elegant blue bridesmaid shoes from this website.

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blue bridesmaid shoes with open toe
blue bridesmaid shoes with bow
blue bridesmaid shoes with closed toe
blue bridesmaid shoes with peep toe

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