Sweet 1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Last updated on January 24th, 2018 at 01:56 pm

1 year wedding anniversary is very special for all couples. To remember this happy moment, giving something special means a lot. For a husband, there are many special 1 year wedding anniversary gifts for  her, your wife, to find. In general, the traditional gift for the 1st wedding anniversary is something made of paper or cotton. For modern 1st wedding anniversary gift, clock is what is usually given.

Now, 1 year wedding anniversary gift ideas are not limited to the above mentioned items. There are lots of unique and beautiful things that a husband can give for his wife’s wedding anniversary gift. In simple words, what you give should make her happy. Something that will make her happy is everything that reflects her taste and style. As a husband, you know what she wants.

A spectacular wedding anniversary idea that she may like is a few days trip. It is only two of you. Simply go to a romantic spot. You will totally impress her if you take her to a place she’s been dreaming. Or, you can take her to the place where you had your honeymoon.

You may also offer her a special treat such as a day to go to a spa. She will surely like it. This spa treatment can include massages, sauna, and cosmetic treatment. After this relaxing activities, she will be in the mood of celebration.

A gift certificate can be a great idea as well. Though, it may be impersonal and unromantic, you can actually make it better by packing it inside the most romantic greeting card with the most beautiful red roses.

Another classic idea is the combination of chocolate, flowers and wine. Get her favorite flowers, a nice and expensive bottle of wine, and some fine chocolate.

If you want to gift her clothes and shoes that she really want, you have to make sure that you know her sizes, if not, you are in a trouble.

A great wedding anniversary gift is actually about something that will show her you know everything about her and her likes and hobbies. If she loves opera, you can give her a complete collection of CD or if she likes gardening, just give her a gardening book. If your wife loves cooking, everything related to the kitchen will make a great gift for her.

You may also consider the following items to give her.

1 year wedding anniversary gifts for her

Wall Plaque

cottage garden music box

Cottage Garden Music Box

canvas wall art

Canvas Wall Art

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