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wedding invitations

Wedding invitations become one of the most essential wedding decisions. Not only do they inform your guests of your approaching wedding, if selected carefully they can also notify your guests about the style of your wedding, your wedding locale, your personal style, color scheme, and the theme of your wedding, if you have one.

Wedding invitations also vary in price point from very costly to quite reasonable. You’ll want to select them with care, so that you get the best invitation possible at your price point. The price point of your wedding invitations will depend on quite a few things including paper chosen, print used, how many sheets of paper are used, how the paper is folded and how many inserts are included in the invitation.

Luckily, with the help of the Internet, you can examine price points, paper quality, printing styles and gather other pertinent invitation information without actual footwork. Make use of these steps to assist make your wedding invitation selection easier.

  • Take a count – Though you may not possess a precise number of guests that you’d like to invite to your wedding, you should have a ballpark range. This way, it will be easier to come up with a reasonable budget for your wedding invitations.
  • Create that budget – A good estimate for wedding invitations is around three percent of your total wedding budget. If your wedding budget is $20,000, you’ll want to limit your spending on invitations to no more than $600.
  • Start now – It’s good to give yourself plenty of time to observe what’s out there. You’ll not only save money, you’ll have time to order samples.
  • Take six – You should let for a six-month window when it comes to ordering your wedding invitations. This way, you’ll have enough time to allow for printing and the alteration of any errors in your invitations. You’ll also require time to bring together your wedding invitations and prepare them for mailing.
  • Pick it out – There are literally thousands of styles and designs of wedding invitations obtainable, there are only a handful of basic types of invitations. You’ll find invitations that are engraved, thermographed, offset printed, calligraphic, embossed, handmade and boxed.

Engraved. Engraved invitations are classic wedding invitations. They are usually used to declare a very traditional-style wedding. For very formal weddings, engraved invitations are an absolute must. Engraved wedding invitations are also very expensive and time consuming since it takes an engraver several steps to complete the invitation. Note: You should order your engraved invitations no less than eight weeks from the date of your wedding–preferably further in advance.

Thermography. Thermographed wedding invitations are an affordable alternative to an engraved invitation. Thermography creates the illusion of raised text (like engraving) through a printing process that heats the ink and resin chemical in a combination causing the printed text to appear raised while the paper beneath it looks soft. The end result has a very elegant look and works very well for semi-formal weddings. Note: Plan on ordering these invitations at least six weeks beforehand.

Offset Printing. The majority of printing today is offset printing (also known as lithography). Offset printing has become one of the most well-liked choices on the market nowadays since they are very cost efficient, they are offered through most stationary vendors and printers (both online and off), and the invitations can be purchased “blank” allowing you the option of printing your own information on them. Printed invitations are suitable for semi-formal and casual weddings. The quality of offset printing can vary very much, so be sure to look for a printer who can deliver crisp quality and true colors. Note: While the turnaround time for printed invitations is typically short, you should still plan on ordering your printed invitations at least 4-6 weeks beforehand.

Embossed. Similar to engraved invitations, the raised print on an embossed wedding invitation looks impressive and classy, but might be hard on the budget. Since it is rarely seen, though, embossed wedding invitations stand out among the many pieces of mail your guests receive. Note: Buy a small embosser with your monogram or return address on the plate. This will allow you to make custom stationery in a more reasonably priced way.

Calligraphy. Calligraphed invitations are very elegant. They work well for weddings with an old fashioned theme, but can be very expensive due to the amount of time and effort involved in producing them. Because of the expense, you might also look for a printer which creates the look of calligraphy on printed invitations. Note: When deciding on whether to select calligraphy invitations, keep in mind that you need to let extra time for preparation. Keep in mind, too, that this type of invitation may smudge if it comes in contact with moisture.

Handmade. Wedding invitations that are handmade are gaining popularity since they are cost efficient and they add a nice personal touch to your very special day. You may desire to think about using a desktop publishing program, too, and attractive stationary to make the process a little easier. Note: Keep in mind to plan on making additional invitations in case of mistakes and let plenty of time to prepare them.

Boxed. Boxed wedding invitations are obtainable at most retailers and give a quick and easy alternative to other types of invitations. Also, they can be easily dressed up for a unique and personal touch. Note: Buy extras to make sure that you have enough in case of mistakes or you necessitate inviting additional guests.

To complete the ideas on wedding invitations, here we’ve selected some of the most beautiful wedding invitation photos for your consideration.

wedding invitation

Above >> scripted pocket-fold wedding invitation. Showcase your wedding invitations and bundle your enclosures with ultra-convenient and chic pocket-fold suites! These elegant wraps feature an invitation panel mounted directly to the pocket-fold and include a built-in angled pocket for your enclosure card, RSVP card and response envelope. To know the details, prices and availability, visit this website.

wedding invitation sample

Above >> wedding invitation with flowers. Available here.

wedding invitation paper

Above >> wedding invitation paper. Available at this website.

wedding invitations photo

Above >> this wedding invitation is available here.

personalized love birds wedding invitation

Above >> personalized love birds wedding invitation. A delightfully illustrated personalized wedding / party invitation with a vintage inspired design in soft colors and pale grey text. Featuring Love Birds on a branch, with lovely soft colors. Available at this website.

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