Cool and Creative Wedding Ideas for Fall 2016

wedding ideas for fall

Are you planning a wedding this coming fall in 2016? This is one of the best seasons for holding weddings because it is neither too hot nor too cold. This season characteristically symbolizes renewal and could indicate a novel start for the joyful couple. The colors of nature are altering from shades of green to beautiful and rich reds, oranges, yellows and browns.

The colors and falling leaves become the symbolic of the season. They are all great wedding ideas for fall in which you are able to take advantage of. Holding a fall wedding does not need too much thought. You just let the nature be your inspiration.

Fall Wedding Dresses

Ideas for fall wedding dresses are the dresses which are whimsical and romantic. They are often inspired by old Hollywood glam. It is all about the usage of laces, chiffons, light silks, satins, pearls and crystals. It is also about the usage of breezy silhouettes. Consider the following dresses:

lace sweetheart wedding dress for fall

Oscar de la Renta wedding dress fall

sweetheart wedding dress for fall

wedding dress idea for fall

Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

To make it a unique wedding idea and a cost-effective one you can have your bridesmaids wear cocktail dresses rather than wearing floor length gowns, or you can just give them swatches of your color motif and have them purchase their own dresses, it’s stress free and again cost-effective, and a unique wedding idea. Consider the following dresses for your bridesmaids:

fall boho bridesmaid dresses

orange fall bridesmaid dresses

bridesmaid dresses for fall ideas

Fall Wedding Decorations

wedding decoration for fall

You can make use of a lot of unique seasonal decorations for wedding ideas for fall. You just think creatively about all of the images that come to mind when referring to this season. Autumn leaves is a big one, the vibrant colors of the leaves can be utilized for decoration along the aisles of the wedding ceremony. It can also be integrated into the centerpiece for the tables and design of the wedding cake.

This season needs dim lighting and rich aromas. Because the weather begins to become chillier in the fall months, it awakens images of wood burning in an open fireplace. If there is no fireplace that exists in the wedding venue where the wedding is being held, then as a substitute you can use lots of candles. Not only does it generate a very romantic effect to the ambiance, the stunning yellow flame is another gentle reminder of the season.

Having aromatic candles that are reminiscent of autumn is even better. You can also use musky scents or sweet scents such as maple, cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin to fill the room with wonderful smells.

Fall Wedding Centerpieces

fall wedding centerpiece idea

Flowers always make a great centerpiece. You can spice it up with non-floral embellishments like accessories in which your guests may enjoy to take home after the wedding. Adding non-floral embellishments such as berries, pine cones, feathers, twigs, fruits and also vegetables can be another unique wedding idea.

Flowers and Bouquets for Fall Weddings


You can add a little twist! For another unique wedding idea, you can add beads, crystals, pearls, or any non-floral ornaments into your bouquets. To reduce your expenses, you can make use of flowers that are available near the wedding site or make use of flowers that are in season like dahlias, chrysanthemums, and chrysanthemums.

Grapevines and ferns are great alternatives that you can use for floral arrangements. They are so widespread in the spring and summer months. Wherever your wedding happens, the more foliage on the ground the better, it makes a great background and would be amazing in photographs.

Foods and Drinks

fall wedding food

A lot of great wedding ideas for fall you can provide for food. There are lots of different kinds of foods that can be related with this season. The meal that you serve your guests can be hearty and full of flavor. You may not forget about signature drinks such as hot apple cider or the variety of desserts that can be made with the delicious fruits of the season.

Wedding Favors

fall wedding favor idea

For fall wedding favors, there are some great and creative ideas you can think of.

  • Keep an eye out for paperweights or large magnets in the shape of leaves, pumpkins, or anything else that will remind you of the season.
  • Small wooden picture frames are also a great idea for fall wedding favors.
  • Candles and bookmarks may be typical options for fall wedding favors, but can also make good choices.
  • Chocolate is another great idea, and works for any season and any type of wedding. You can get many in the shape of leaves or pumpkins, or just about anything else you desire. Lots of personalized candy bar wrappers also have beautiful autumn themes that are suitable for any wedding.

Fall Wedding Cakes

fall wedding cake idea

  • A beautiful idea is a cake adorned with sunflowers. The cake itself would be lovely frosted in a cream colored butter cream frosting applied with a rough texture. Tie dark brown raffia around the base of each tier, and accent with a number of miniature sunflowers which are put in clusters on each layer.
  • Another lovely idea for a fall wedding cake is a falling leaf theme. It can be done in various ways, from an elegant monochromatic design to a colorful flurry of leaves to a minimalist metallic leaf pattern.
  • Your wedding cake can also be a chance to pamper your fanciful side. A very playful idea is to embellish the sides of the cake layers with flat cut out silhouettes made to look like your favorite forest animals. It would be just pleasant to witness a collection of woodland creatures such as squirrels, foxes, and deer around the cake tiers. If you like forest foliage and acorn shapes you can add them to the cake.
  • Another incredible choice for a fall wedding cake is one which is made to look like tree bark. There are a number of approaches to this idea. The first is frosting a cake with dark chocolate icing that has been dragged with a tool to look like the bark of a tree. Then, you can decorate it with forestry accents, like marzipan mushrooms and fern leaves made of gum paste. Another very cool tree inspired cake design is by frosting the cake with a white chocolate ganache. When it is dusted with cocoa powder, it will look like the bark of a white birch tree. You can also add miniature sugar fruits or berries as the decorations.

With the above wedding ideas for fall, you will surely have your dream fall wedding day. 🙂

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