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unique engagement rings

Unique engagement rings are an amazing way to utter your love since it tells her that she is different from anyone else and that is why you have selected her to spend your life with. There are a number of ways to modify engagement rings to make them truthfully unique. For instance, rather than going with regular clear diamonds, you could get them in pink, yellow, or even blue. A number of people choose to forgo the diamonds altogether and get other types of gems put in the unique engagement rings.

Another way to assist your bride-to-be’s engagement ring stick out is to do an atypical setting for the diamond or gem. Rather than having the central gem raised, have it inlaid in a nice way. If you desire the gem or diamond to stand out, you could select to have a gallery setting so that everyone will go wild over the ring. Having a pendant or something dangling from the unique engagement ring will actually set it apart from other rings.

If your girlfriend loves the classic look of engagement rings, you can still have one for her that is unique by getting a vintage ring. If you look at antique shops, auctions, flea markets, or search online you can find rings from the 1940’s up till the 1970’s that make really unique engagement rings. Your girlfriend will love feeling elegant with a ring like the one that Jacqueline Kennedy wore. You may even desire to talk with your mother to see if there is a family heirloom that you could make use of.

unique engagement ring

Other ways to make your ring a unique engagement ring is to have it customized by getting something engraved on it. You could do just a nice band with a message engraved around the outside of the ring, include a diamond and have a message on the back, or have something written on the inside of the ring so that it is secret to you and your future bride. When it comes to getting unique engagement rings engraved, the possibilities are endless if you really take the time and get creative.

Whenever you decide to look at unique engagement rings for your true love, ensure that it is something that she would really get pleasure from. I suggest that if you find something you like, you ask her friends and family what they think about the ring before purchasing it. That way you can have enough viewpoints to make the perfect selection. To complete the ideas of unique engagement rings, here are some photos of engagement rings with unique designs for your inspiration. [photo credit below: kay]

unique engagement rings with diamond

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