Unique Beach Wedding Shoes for Bridesmaids

beach wedding shoes for bridesmaids

Beach wedding shoes for bridesmaids can be one of the best bridesmaids gifts that you can give to your girls. One main reason is because your bridesmaids will probably forget to bring their own wedding flip flops to your wedding. By giving your bridesmaids a pair of beach bridal shoes, you will be doing them a favor and also doing you a favor.

Tips for Choosing Beach Wedding Shoes for Bridesmaids

A beach wedding is a gorgeous thing to have. You will be standing on the beach right next to the ocean. The biggest problem will be walking over the sand. When your bridesmaids walk down the beach in front of you, you will want them to glide elegantly across the beach. If they forget to wear the right shoes, then their heels may get stuck in the sand and they may have to stop a few times in order to get all the way down the aisle.

Your bridesmaids have probably done a lot to help you prepare for your wedding. A great way to thank them is by putting together a bridesmaid gift for each of them. In the gift, you can include sunscreen, a little shawl, some fun make up, some cookies or something to eat so they won’t get hungry, and some other little personal items. One thing you should think about including are beach bridal shoes. These can be bridesmaid flip flops with their names written on them, or a pair of simple flip flops from Old Navy in the same color as their bridesmaid dresses. Whatever you choose, make sure they can walk in them easily across the sand. Your bridesmaids will thank you and everyone will look uniform.

The worst thing is for all of your bridesmaids to be wearing different shoes. Very rarely does this look good. On the beach, everyone will see the shoes they have chosen to wear. The best way to create uniformity is for you to buy them the same pair of beach wedding shoes. This way, they will all look really cute in the same thing. Your photographer can also get a great picture of you and the girls with their new beach shoes.

The final thing you may want to consider is buying them the same style you bought for yourself. You may buy a pair of white beach shoes while you buy them silver or gold beach shoes that match their dresses. This will be really fun for all of you to have the same shoes to commemorate your wedding.

To inspire you, here we have selected a number of beach wedding shoes for bridesmaids. They are very affordable bridesmaid shoes.

The flat bridesmaid sandal shoes above is gorgeously embellished with pearls. It has a simple though unique design. It is only $31.96

flat white leather bridesmaid sandal

This flat white leather bridesmaid sandal is very comfortable to wear for your beach wedding. The design looks, however it is very pretty. It is also not expensive. You can get if for $19.99

white T-strap flat bridesmaid sandal

Flat sandal or shoes is always a good option when referring to beach wedding. This white T-strap flat sandal will be amazing to wear by your bridesmaids.

flat silver bridesmaid shoes with pearl bows

I guarantee you that you will find this flat silver bridesmaid shoes with pearl bows very comfy and light to walk in the beach. The design is simple but very chic. It is much affordable as well. You buy it for $21.50

From the beach wedding shoes for bridesmaids we have chosen above, which one is your favorite?

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