Simple Vintage Wedding Gown Style

Last updated on December 26th, 2017 at 08:25 am

simple vintage wedding gown with v-neckline

Simple vintage wedding gown style is a firm trend in the world of bridal wear fashion. For many, the idea of simple vintage wedding gowns conjures up an image of a demure lace dress with pearls and a veil, but the term ‘vintage’ covers over fifty years of fashion, and the choices are almost limitless!

Simple vintage wedding gown style draws on the elegance and iconography of many different eras, from the flappers of the 20s to the hippy chicks of the 60s, the glamour of the 30s and the 80s. Whatever era you choose, take your inspiration from dress styles, accessories, music, films and jewelry to complete your wedding outfit. Why not mix and match your vintage style with a contemporary twist to really make your bridal outfit your own?

To create a vintage look, first decide on your era, or the type of wedding dress you are after. Simple vintage wedding gown varies from floor length, ankle length, tea-length and even shorter! The style is up to you – perhaps you’re inspired by your venue, or a classic film, book or celebrity.

Browse antique shops and vintage markets for little touches for your reception and accessories to truly give your wedding a vintage feel. A simple wedding gown can be made ten times more impressive with the right shoes, jewelry, head wear and accessories! And don’t forget your groom – there are plenty of different styles of suit and menswear to choose from in order to match your vintage look.

If you are seeking for a simple vintage wedding gown, one of the following vintage wedding gowns which are designed in a simple way can be your favorite. Enjoy them!

simple vintage wedding gown

Are you in love with the above royal princess bridal lace simple mermaid vintage wedding gown, check this out here.

simple vintage wedding gown with short gloves

A 1960’s vintage simple wedding gown with floor length.

simple vintage wedding gown with v-neck

A white ball gown embroidered floor length wedding gown with long lace sleeves.

ivory simple vintage wedding gown

A long vintage wedding gown with illusion cap sleeves.

simple vintage short wedding gown

A short vintage simple wedding gown with simple sleeves.

simple vintage mermaid wedding gown

A vintage lace floor length wedding gown with half sleeve.

simple vintage wedding gown with a-line

This dress looks very elegant, doesn’t it? Satin jewel a-line elegant wedding gown, and find the details here.

simple vintage wedding ball gown

A strapless wool wedding gown with unique design.

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