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platinum diamond wedding rings

Platinum diamond wedding rings? Are you going to buy them? When buying a platinum diamond wedding ring, you need to take into consideration four factors such as color, cut, clarity and carat. It is important to think about the four factors since that is the way to value a diamond. And also when purchasing platinum diamond wedding rings, always select whitest white diamond. The reflecting and refracting power of a diamond is absolutely dependent on its whiteness. In other words, the whiter the color the more it will reflect and refract light. Some experts say that when white light enters the diamond part of the ray is reflected back and the rest penetrates the stone. Color differences are impossible to determine by the untrained eye, so always opt for gemologists in this regard. By well considering these factors, you will get the best platinum diamond wedding rings.

Platinum diamond wedding rings come in all sorts of cuts and designs. One of the most popular is the princess cut and the brilliant cut, which can have more than 57 facets. One should also take into consideration the color of the diamond. The whiter the color, the more expensive it is. Another consideration is the clarity, which refers to the lack of imperfections in the stone.

When selecting a platinum diamond wedding ring, it is essential that you look for the signage or engraving that says PLAT or PT950. This means that the platinum is genuine and that it is 95 percent pure platinum. Without these, do not buy as you may be buying something that is not worth your money. For your ideas and consideration, here we’ve selected some of the most gorgeous platinum diamond wedding rings. Enjoy them! 🙂

To start, take a look at the first photo above. This platinum round cut diamond wedding ring is available at Amazon. The second photo below is platinum diamond wedding rings from Tacori.

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