Ideas on Romantic Purple Wedding Bouquets

purple wedding bouquets

Purple has become one of the most famous colors for weddings recently. It is a very versatile color, and comes in a lovely wide range of shades. These area number of ideas for the most romantic purple wedding bouquets.

Orchids are one of the ultimate symbols of bridal luxury, and they come in spectacular shades of purple. A long cascade bouquet of vivid purple orchids would be absolutely fabulous for a formal wedding. The orchids are so breathtaking that it would be best to create the bouquet using only that variety of flower to let them shine in all their glory. The only accent such an impressive bouquet requires is a wide satin ribbon with long streamers trailing down. This would be a gorgeous purple bouquet for any season.

In the springtime, pale lilac and lavender shades are wonderful and fresh. One lovely idea is to add some tiny blueish-purple muscari flowers (also called grape hyacinth) to a mixed bouquet of lavender tulips, mini irises, and lilac spray roses. The combination of sizes, shades, and textures will make for a very interesting bouquet. It would be so pretty to have custom bridal jewelry created in a complementary range of purple tones to wear with a crisp white organza wedding gown.

Another lovely option for a purple bouquet is one made up of roses and lisianthus. Both are blossoms which are available year round, which makes them easy to work with. Pale lavender garden roses combined with white peonies and lilac colored lisianthus would make a magnificent bouquet for a spring garden wedding. A beautiful variation on this would be to substitute sweet peas in several shades of purple for the white peonies. If garden roses are too pricey or hard to get for your wedding, choose a more standard hybrid rose variety and ask the florist to “bloom” the blossoms by hand, which will give them the full look of garden roses.

For an autumn wedding, think about incorporating some purple flowers like asters into your bouquets. They are a fairly informal flower variety, but the purple color will add a great touch of romance to your ceremony bouquet. Use the purple asters in an unexpected way, like as a contrast against deep red roses. This would be a rich look for a fall bride with a nice seasonal touch. To tie the two contrasting colors together, wrap the stems with a red and purple plaid ribbon.

Summer brides can enjoy the look of a romantic purple hydrangea bouquet. To make the bouquet even more romantic, mix in elegant white roses and sprays of purple Swarovski crystals. This would be a great way to coordinate with custom crystal bridal jewelry. A large round nosegay arrangement will suit the very round shape of the hydrangeas beautifully. If you wish to add a touch of old-fashioned charm to this bouquet, add trailing streamers of tiny purple orchid petals. It will be a truly special bouquet. The pure romance of purple is simply wonderful for wedding bouquets at any time of the year.

To complete the ideas on purple wedding bouquets, here we’ve selected a number of pretty photos of wedding bouquets with purple flowers for your consideration.

purple wedding bouquet

Above is a purple wedding bouquet with white roses. Photo is via Wedding Bee.

purple and white wedding bouquet

Above is a chic purple and white wedding bouquet. {Source is unknown. If you are the copyright owner of this image, please contact us for the credit.}

purple and white wedding bouquets

Above, purple, green and white wedding bouquets. {Source is unknown. If you are the copyright owner of this image, please contact us for the credit.}

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