Ideas on Beautiful Blue Wedding Bouquets

blue wedding bouquets

[1] Beautiful blue wedding bouquet with hydrangeas. Photo is via The Knot.

Blue is one of the most well-liked colors for weddings. A symbol of loyalty and truthfulness, it also happens to be one of the prettiest hues to utilize at any time of the year. Even though options for blue flowers are somewhat inadequate, blue bouquets are very sought after by brides. These are a number of amazing ideas for blue wedding bouquets.

blue wedding bouquet

[2] Blue wedding bouquet with artificial flowers. Photo is via Accents and Petals.

If you are planning a summer wedding, you are fortunate. It is the wonderful time of the year to have a bridal bouquet made from blue hydrangeas. The large round flowers are classic and elegant, working similarly well for formal and informal weddings. Hydrangeas tend to be pricey, but as they are so full, it does not take a lot of stems to create a lush bouquet. They look wonderful all by themselves, or mix in delicate white garden roses for a fresh blue and white arrangement. Bind the bouquets with a simple white satin or organza bow for the perfect finishing touch.

blue wedding bouquet with white roses

[3] Romantic blue wedding bouquet with white roses. Photo is via Helena Amor Photography.

There are not many flowers beyond hydrangeas which have a true blue color, but there are quantities of purplish-blue blossoms which come close. Muscari, also recognized as grape hyacinth, are a lovely addition to a bouquet. They have a rich deep blue color, and look a lot like little clusters of grapes. Muscari are not usually used as a standalone flower, but they combine delightfully with many other varieties of flowers. Their dripping form makes grape hyacinths a beautiful addition to a bouquet of sweet peas for a romantic arrangement.

blue and white roses wedding bouquet

[4] Chic blue and white roses wedding bouquet. Photo is via The Knot.

You do not have to depend on blue flowers to have a blue wedding bouquet. A fantastic look can be created by adding blue accents into white, yellow, or purple blossoms. A classic nosegay of white stephanotis would be remarkable with blue crystals in the center of each tiny star-shaped flower. It would be a stunning bouquet for a bride who planned to have on blue crystal earrings. Or take round blue pearlescent balls on stems and wire them in amongst fluttery ivory orchids for a unique modern bouquet. For a winter wedding, it could be really fun to weave some ice blue glittery branches in amongst white blossoms for a creative take on the Winter Wonderland theme.

blue wedding bouquets with fresh flowers

[5] Fragrant blue wedding bouquets with fresh flowers. Photo is via Wedding Splendor.

Another way to bring blue into a wedding bouquet is to bring the accent color into the bouquet handle or about the blossoms. A stiff sheer horsehair strip in a pale blue would be an amazing modern ruff around the edge of a nosegay. For a very romantic effect, use vintage-inspired blue velvet embossed leaves to create a cuff around the flowers. The bouquet handle also offers a place to commence a touch of blue. A wide blue satin ribbon with long trailing streamers is a simple way to bring blue into the ceremony flowers. For a special touch, have your monogram stitched onto the end of the ribbon. If you plan to wear crystal earrings for your wedding, why not embellish your bouquet with a blue crystal brooch pinned to the bouquet wrap? Another great idea is to have the florist create a bouquet “cage” out of strands of blue crystals crisscrossed over the outside of the flowers for a sparkly contemporary design.

artificial blue wedding bouquet

[6] Pretty artificial blue wedding bouquet. {Source is unknown. Please contact us for the credit if this image belongs to your copyrighted property.}

While dyed flowers can be cheap, it could in fact be quite fun to create a frankly fake blue bouquet out of dyed blue carnations. The key to making it look deliberate and modern in place of tacky is to create a perfectly round bouquet totally out of the blue blossoms, rather than adding just a few blue carnations to a mixed bouquet. The round blue ball of flowers will look quite cool; rather you bear it as a bouquet or turn it into a pomander on a ribbon. From subtle to bold, there are a lot of fun ways to bring blue into the wedding bouquets.

To complete the ideas on blue wedding bouquets, here we have selected a number of beautiful photos of blue bridal bouquets for your inspiration.

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