Gold Wedding Shoes for Bridesmaids with Simple but Elegant Designs

gold wedding shoes for bridesmaids

Are you thinking about gold wedding shoes for bridesmaids? Are you dreaming to have them but you are not sure if they would fit the dress you would be wearing? If these are what bother you, take a note of the tips provided to think over before you make a decision:

Tips on Choosing the Best Gold Wedding Shoes for Bridesmaids

1. Color design. Do you love the color of gold? Is your dress white or cream or your dress have a streak of gold? If your answer is in the positive for any of these questions, then gold should be the right color for you. If your answer is negative, and your dress has a dot of silver, then you should probably consider taking silver shoes. The gold shoes should match your dress, otherwise you will look awkward and little bit funny.

2. Bright and Shiny. Are you in love to something that sparkles? Or you would prefer that is simple and toned down? Either way, gold comes in both, in shiny color or light shade if your preference is the latter. The sparkling type is really pretty as you will stand out in the crowd, and the sparkling can be designed in different ways but what is important is that you are comfortable in whatever type of sparkle the gold will come.

3. Shade of the gold. Just be sure you know what shade of gold you prefer. Aside from being sparkly, gold also comes in many tones as there is a deeper tone which is closer to bronze and there is another that is lighter and comes closer to yellow. The deeper tone is more common while the lighter one could be a little more feminine and interesting. Just to be sure that you may not miss any of the two, allow a budget to buy both items so you may try them with your dress when you are about to go to the wedding. This is a sure action to see which of the two would match well to your wedding gown.

4. Accessory Jewelry. Most brides tent to have silver wedding bands and silver engagement rings and if you are of them, you don’t have to worry since gold can adopt to silver and the two are actually being paired together with gold wedding shoes by several fashion designers so that you should not worry of mixing the two colors. And if you have chosen the gold shoes for your wedding, be sure to also choose a gold necklace and gold earrings to match them. This move will make an assurance that everything will be more consistent.

Here, we’ve also selected a number of gold wedding shoes for bridesmaids for your consideration. One of them will surely be loved by your lovely bridesmaids.

The first gold shoes above is a high heel satin shoes with rhinestones. It is $39.95

low heeled gold bridesmaid pump shoes

Above is a low heeled gold pump shoes with round toe. It is $32.99

gold low heel bridesmaid pump shoes

It is a gold low heel bridesmaid pump shoes with pointed toe. Its price is $35.99

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