Gold Wedding Rings: Much Loved by Many of Us

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gold wedding ring

Gold wedding rings have become the order of the day and are fashionable. They become a sign of commitment and fidelity, and were originally worn only by the woman, but now it has become very common for both the bride and groom to have on the gold wedding rings. The solid gold band has become almost synonymous with a marriage ring. These simple bands continue to be popular in part because of the ease in maintaining them. It helps to know a bit about gold before you venture into buying a gold ring. As gold is considered to be a soft metal, it can lose shape easily. 24 karat gold wedding rings are the purest form of metal and more expensive.

For regular wear, a ring made from lower karat gold is advisable. 18 karat gold wedding ring may be a good choice. It is made with 75% gold and 25% alloy, and this makes it stronger as well as less expensive. The most well-liked one however is the 14 karat gold wedding ring and ideal for daily wear. It is pale yellow in color as compared to its purer versions.

A single large sapphire set in gold wedding ring brings a glint to the eye and so does a ring with several small diamonds set closely. Other jewels for example ruby, sapphire, emerald and others, all stand out wonderfully on gold. The yellow metal offers a good contrast against these jewels giving your ring a rich look. Yellow gold wedding ring is the most suitable for that traditional look. Opt for the designs that go best with that look as well as with your character. For this reason, Celtic wedding rings usually make use of gold. The metal can also be easily molded to different designs, knots and patterns.

In addition, yellow gold wedding rings, you now have a choice of rose gold wedding rings, white gold wedding rings, and green gold wedding rings. With changing preferences, many are going for these options. White gold wedding ring is the most well-liked among them owing to its contemporary look. Being less priced than platinum, it is the most sought after alternative.

You can create a two tone affect by using inlays of white or rose with the traditional yellow gold. This breaks the monotony of yellow and gives your marriage ring a new modern look. There could be no better pleasure in life than slipping a beautiful gold wedding ring on the finger of your beloved. Here are some collections of beautiful gold wedding rings for your ideas and inspiration.

gold wedding rings

beautiful gold wedding rings

wedding rings from gold

Above >> gold wedding rings >> {photo credit: Free Graphic Download via Adorn Jewels}

gold wedding rings from eros rings

Above >> gold wedding rings from eros rings. You will absolutely love these wedding rings made of yellow gold including me 🙂 Look so beautiful . . . >> {photo credit: Eros Rings}

wedding rings from yellow and white gold

Above >> gold wedding ring from yellow and white gold. Feel interested in these ring? It is available at 750 Jewellery.

yellow gold wedding ring from irish shop

Above >> yellow gold wedding ring from irish shop.

white gold wedding ring from irish shop

Above >> white gold wedding ring from irish shop.

Celtic Wedding Ring – This men’s Irish gold wedding band features a detailed pattern of Celtic swirls and triskels. Inspired by the ancient Celtic designs and artwork in the famous Book of Kells. These wedding rings are available in 9k Yellow or White Gold. Measures approx. 0.3 inch wide. >> {photo credit: Irish Shop} Find more beautiful and gorgeous gold wedding rings from this website. 🙂

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