Flat Ivory Wedding Shoes: Gorgeous But People Don’t Frequently Say That

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Last updated on August 31st, 2018 at 08:27 am

flat ivory wedding shoes

Flat ivory wedding shoes are gorgeous but people don’t frequently say that. Generally since a lot of women believe that gorgeous wedding shoes necessitate having heels. In fact, the heels have to actually be a bit high, more than 3 inches or so for numerous women to say that the shoes are beautiful. The could be since high heels make a woman look sexy or help to lengthen her legs, or it could be as Sarah Jessica Parker made the high heel look simply fantastic on the many Sex and the City episodes. Anyway, I’m here to tell you about the many flat ivory bridal shoes that are gorgeous and wonderful to purchase.

Firstly, the color ivory is something that is so pretty and unique. A number of brides will say they hate it and only want to put on white. Others will perceive the beauty in the color since it is a more natural, muted color and isn’t as bright as the color white. This natural color fixes better on people with darker skin and complements them very well. Having this color on your shoes is something altogether different. Wearing this color shows people that you are the bride. Who else but the bride is going to have on a pair of flat ivory wedding shoes?

“If you are a nature bride, consider a pair of flat ivory wedding shoes.”

Secondly, flat ivory wedding shoes can be very wonderful. There are still so many different styles to select from. You can think about the pointed toe or the round toe. You can think about the ballerina flat or the ones with the little tiny heel. The ballerina flat is very comfortable and will allow you to feel the ground underneath. If you are a nature bride, consider a pair of these.

Thirdly, you can still have a lot of different designs on the flat. Rhinestones can beautify the front or the sides. The beading can be in a lot of different floral patterns. There are also ones with lots of lace and ribbon on them. Occasionally, a gorgeous silk flower will be attached to the front. Depending on what you like – simple or extravagant – you will still find a lot of different decorative designs for your flat ivory wedding shoes. You don’t have to select high heels to have shoes that you like.

Recently, I’ve seen many more brides select a pair of flat ivory wedding shoes to wear underneath their gowns. This helps them be comfortable all day and gives them peace of mind that they won’t by chance fall with the high heels on.

Have a look at these gorgeous collections of flat ivory wedding shoes we’ve collected for your ideas and inspirations. See the first photo above . . . >> flat ivory wedding shoes. These satin flat ivory bridal shoes are perfect for the bride who wants a comfortable yet stylish option for her reception and dancing!

flat ivory wedding shoes with pearls

Above >> flat ivory wedding shoes with pearls. These satin ivory bridal shoes are accessorized with Swarovski pearls. >> {photo credit: Bellissima Bridal Shoes}

flat ivory wedding shoes pumps

Above >> flat ivory wedding shoes pumps. These flat wedding shoes are a perfect option for tall brides and brides who simply can’t wear high heels and want added comfort on their special day. >> {photo credit: Euphoria Shop}

flat ivory wedding shoes with peep toe

Above >> flat ivory wedding shoes with peep toe. These peep toe flats are designed with a gorgeous lace overlay. The flat heel and peep toe design offer all the benefits of a flat as well as the styling of a sandal. A great choice for the fashion forward bride who loves flats! >> {photo credit: Bellissima Bridal Shoes} Find out more gorgeous flat ivory wedding shoes from this Shop.

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