Flat Bridesmaid Shoes: Very Versatile and Comfortable

Last updated on November 6th, 2017 at 09:23 pm

flat bridesmaid shoes

Flat bridesmaid shoes? At first that could aggravate a boring mental picture, but only if you have not looked at the endless variety of bridesmaid ballet flats. It is dazzling, in fact overwhelming to browse through the many styles, colors, plain or print, leather (suede included), or even sporty looking designs. There are practical reasons for opting for flat bridesmaid shoes for your bridesmaids.

Easier on the sole of foot muscles, which will walk you down the aisle, and bear your weight at the perhaps long and challenging reception line. During the reception and dinner, your bridesmaids will be getting up and down all the time. If they put on four inch heels and kick them off when they sit down, they’ll be groping for them every time a speech is demanded.

If you choose flat shoes for your bridesmaids, I guarantee it they will be forever grateful. They have just as long a day as you do – in fact longer! A lot of brides leave the wedding early for their honeymoon leaving the wedding party and guests dancing all night. Flat bridesmaid shoes can express the very edge of designer fashion, while feeling like bedroom slippers! After your wedding, all can have on their wedding ballet flats for many occasions.

A lot of flat bridesmaid shoes come in designs with two or three colors, mainly mixtures of metallic shades. This allows a mix and match choice of jewelry for bride and bridesmaids. A number of women look better in the colder shades of white, silver, or white gold. Others glow handsomely in the warmer gold, copper and bronze tones. If you are now seeking for some flat bridesmaid shoes, here we’ve selected some for our and may you get inspired! 🙂 😉

flat bridesmaid shoes with peep toe

Take a look at the first photo of flat bridesmaid shoes above from Ali Express. These round toe flat bridesmaid shoes are decorated with rhinestone and beading. Also the second photo above from Bellissima Bridal Shoes. These flat bridesmaid shoes with peep toe are designed with a gorgeous lace overlay. The flat heel and peep toe design offer all the benefits of a flat as well as the styling of a sandal. A great choice for the fashion forward bridesmaids who love flats!

flat bridesmaid shoes with austrian crystals

These flat bridesmaid shoes with Austrian crystals are from Etsy. A most popular, crystal, open-toe flat that is great for comfort and its sparkling style. This high quality shoe features a Duchesse Silk upper covered in beautiful Austrian Crystals, a comfort padded insole, and an Italian leather outsole. Find out more elegant and stunning flat bridesmaid shoes from this website. 🙂 😉

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