Edible Wedding Favors: Sweeten Your Memories

edible wedding favors

Edible wedding favors always become a hit. No matter the wedding is, simple or grand wedding can make the use of edible treats to thank everybody who attends the wedding. Everyone who attends a wedding likes to eat, especially something which is sweet and savory. It is different with the traditional figurines. With edible wedding favors you present to your guests, they will be sure to be consumed by them and you will not have much left after they leave. This kind of wedding favor will always get appreciated from the people loving your and witnessing your wedding.

Ideas on Homemade Edible Wedding Favors

Making your homemade edible wedding favors is not difficult. If you want to make them, for example chocolates, you won’t lack of ideas. Edible wedding favor ideas are many to find out.  Chocolate wedding favors can be anything which is made from milk chocolate, white chocolate, special black chocolate to chocolate containing almonds or raisins. Then you need to wrap them in unique and interesting wrappers. There are various kinds of wrappers to choose from. To make them more unique, you can personalize them with your printed names, wedding date, short quote or message. With the various unique and traditional themes of wrappers, no matter what your wedding theme is, beach, spring, winter or garden wedding, there are always many wonderful ideas that you can use for your edible wedding favors; your chocolate treats.

To create unique edible wedding favors, you can also put some small candies, mints, almonds in tins. It will be an interesting token for your guests. They can also use the tins for other specific purposes after they are emptied. To make the tins more about you, you can personalize them with stickers that have your printed names and wedding date. You can also buy the tins from a specialty store that permits you to personalize the tins. The store will do the job for you. It will be a good and useful idea as well to provide additional bowl or glass of candies when they might need to refill the tins whenever they feel need to.

You can also have your edible wedding favors placed in the bowls and jars. They can function as centerpieces for the tables as well. With this idea, you can surely cut down your wedding expenses. The bowls and jars can contain anything from candies, mints, cookies, kisses, almonds and so on. If you want to provide a variety of options for your edible wedding favors, feel free to do so. Another unique idea is to utilize different heights of jars and then fill them with various candies or chocolates of your choice. They could be positioned at the center of each table or you can make a mini candy bar at one side.

It is easy to decorate and package most homemade edible wedding favors that sweeten your memories. You can create or purchase pretty and tiny wedding favor boxes or bags if you feel you need them. There are customize-able ribbons available in a lot of different colors that you can tie around the packages, as well as beautiful wedding favor tags, labels, and stickers to personalize your edible wedding favors.

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