Top 5 Designs of Destination Wedding Invitations You’ll Love

destination wedding invitations

You will endeavor to create your wedding items in line with your major wedding theme. For instance, you may opt for pumpkins as the major adornment elements if you are going to have a Halloween themed event. Certainly, the invitations should also go with the main theme.

In point of fact, many brides and grooms will choose a destination wedding. This is since such an event is frequently more unforgettable. When it comes to the invitations, you will desire to recognize how they can articulate the idea of a destination event.

Here are the top 5 destination wedding invitations designs you will surely love to consider.

  1. Air Ticket Design

Typically, your destination event will be hosted overseas. Your guests will require preparing the air tickets so as to go to your wedding. Consequently, it will be natural to go for the idea of an air ticket when you design the wedding invitations.

destination wedding invitation with air ticket

In actual fact, such designs can be very unique. You can print the individual guest names on the cards. This can make your invites more personalized. Aside from the air ticket idea, it is also ordinary for couples to go for a boarding pass design.

  1. Passport Design

Certainly, your guests will have got to carry the passports together with them when attending an overseas wedding. This is why a passport design is very well-liked when it comes to a destination wedding invitation. You can personalize the passport design for each guest.

destination wedding invitations

You can print their names and pictures on each passport. Your guests will want to keep this invitation after your event. It is not unusual to select this design together with an air ticket invitation.

  1. Poker Design

A poker design is perfect for a Las Vegas wedding. As you may almost certainly know, Las Vegas is a very well-liked destination for getting married. The majority of people will consider elements such as pokers and slot machines when we talk about Las Vegas.

destination wedding invitation with poker

 This is why you can select a poker design for your Las Vegas wedding. You can print the design on a thick piece of card stock. Your guests will surely love it.

  1. Glass Bottle

A glass bottle can be associated to the beach. A beach wedding can also be a destination event at the same time. So, you can select a glass bottle as your invitation design. Certainly, it can be hard for you to print the wording on the bottle itself.

destination wedding invitation design with glass

As an alternative, you can print the wording on a piece of paper and put it into a bottle. You can even add some sand into the bottle if you are going to host a beach wedding.

  1. Portrait Invitation

It is always thought that a portrait is worth thousand words. A portrait on the invitation can convey the idea of destination wedding efficiently. You can print a photo of the destination on the card. Your guests will recognize the theme of your event once they notice the invitations.

destination wedding invitation design with

You can even print your own pictures on it so as to personalize the cards!

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