Creative Beach Wedding Invitations – 3 Most Creative Ideas

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Last updated on October 26th, 2018 at 08:11 pm

creative beach wedding invitations

Creative beach wedding invitations? If you are getting married at a beach spot and are still worried about the beach wedding invitations, then go on reading this article. Beach weddings are unique yet it ever more becomes in the trend and is getting ordinary. How can you make your wedding different from the usual cliché ways? It’s not so boring once you begin thinking on your own and try being creative. These three innovative and creative beach wedding invitations will win you the best beach wedding invitations award from your friends, relatives and neighbors. >> [photo credit]

Umbrella invitations, sea shell and invitations in bottles are very creative beach wedding invitations.

Umbrella Invitations – With these unique and creative beach wedding invitations, you can easily win over everyone’s heart and presence. Buy colorful summer printed beach umbrellas. Purchase the small ones to cut on your budget. Make small and nice tags on which you will write your invitation with handmade paper. Ensure your paper is of color that will emphasize the beach theme; opt for variations of blue and green. For adding enhancements to your invitations, stick a small sea shell at the right hand corner of each of your blue/green handmade paper invitation card.

creative umbrella beach wedding invitations

Then, roll the paper and tie with jute thread. And you can tie the other end of the thread to the stick of the beach umbrella. When you go to invite, tie the umbrella with satin or plastic fancy ribbons of blue or green hues again. You are convinced to win big smiles and congratulations. Do try to select bright colored umbrellas and avoid gloomy ones. Certainly, do remember to write the name of every person you are inviting on the particular tag you are giving to him or her. That’s your unique umbrella invitation! >> [photo credit]

Seashell Invitations – These creative beach wedding invitations are unique. Although this might sound difficult, it’s worth it. If you don’t find enough sea shells that are large enough, you can simply purchase them from sea stores. Purchase large whitish sea shells. Clean them. The lighter the surface the better is. Then, you can write invitation on the curved surface with black permanent marker.

seashell creative beach wedding invitations

You can try doing calligraphy to give it that wow. Try to frame your message in the least number of words possible. Simply and curtly invite, state the venue and the date. Pack each shell in cardboard boxes of suitable size and cite the names of the guests on the box. They’ll be thankful to attend your wedding. >> [photo credit]

Invitations in Bottles – Write your invitation on good paper of standard size like A4 or a bit smaller. Do state the names of the guest you are inviting with that paper. State other details in line with your convenience and creativity. After you are done writing, roll the paper in such a way that it forms a thin cylindrical figure that can be passed into glass bottles (like wine bottles).

creative beach wedding invitations in a bottle

Then, you can shut the mouth of the bottle with cork. You can label each bottle with the guest’s name and bind a ribbon on each bottle’s neck for extra effect and a total look. It’s best if you order both the bottles and the paper. These creative beach wedding invitations will guarantee uniformity and your guests will be equally fascinated. >> [photo credit]

To complete the ideas, here we’ve selected some of the most creative beach wedding invitations for your consideration.

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