Antique Gold Engagement Rings

antique gold engagement rings

Antique gold engagement rings can be made to hold any type of center stone. These types of gold rings have the makings of uniqueness because of their classical touch. These kinds of antique gold engagement rings are much cheaper than the modern gold engagement rings because of the kind of metals that are used in them. Sometimes these types of gold engagement rings are called vintage style gold engagement rings by a lot of jewelers.

If you happen to be looking for a new engagement ring but you greatly admire the antique look, then you can choose a ring from the collection of antique style gold engagement rings. These kinds of rings are magical; they create an incomparable statement, and are a great deal less in price than generic ones. If you are geared towards class and uniqueness, then get an antique style gold engagement ring. This will indeed set you apart from everyone else.

To complete the ideas on antique gold engagement rings, here are some of photos of gold engagement rings with antique style for your inspiration. Take a look at the first photo above and below. It is an oval cut diamond antique gold Victorian engagement ring. Set in platinum on gold and centered with an EGL certified approximate .52 carat oval cut diamond with F-G color and SI2 clarity. Center diamond is accented with single cut diamonds. Available here.

antique gold engagement rings with oval cut diamond
antique gold engagement ring

Above >> antique gold engagement ring with oval cut diamond. A symbiotic marriage of old and new: an antique oval diamond weighing 1.48 carats set in a newly-made mounting of 18K yellow gold and platinum. The true beauty of this ring lies in the fact that the design was inspired by the past, but you have the integrity of a new piece of jewelry which has not been subjected to a century’s worth of wear. This ring is gorgeous and ready to embark on its journey as a symbol of never-ending love. Available here.

vintage antique gold engagement rings

Above >> vintage antique gold engagement ring. Available here.

vintage antique gold engagement ring

Above >> vintage antique gold engagement ring with oval cut diamond. Available here. Find more beautiful antique gold engagement rings from this website. 🙂

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