10 Most Affordable Wedding Venues in Southern California

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affordable wedding venues in southern california

Are you planning to organize your wedding in Southern California? There are many beautiful and interesting wedding venues both indoor and outdoor that you can find in Southern California. Whichever wedding venue you want, it will all depend on your wedding budget. For you who have limited budget or who prefer to organize a simple wedding, you may consider the following affordable wedding venues in Southern California.

To reduce your budget on a wedding venue, there are several things you can do. You can choose venues where you can organize your wedding ceremony and reception. Then, you can look for venues that offer all inclusive packages. Just like an all inclusive resort where you can get rooms, food, and some activities in one package, you can find wedding venues that provide everything. With an all inclusive wedding venue, you can get a venue, linens, cake, food, decoration and more.

Best Affordable Wedding Venues in Southern California Under 5000

Southern California, from Los Angeles to Catalina Island, offers you several affordable wedding venues. If you are looking for small cheap wedding venues that can accommodate up to 100 guests, you will find some of the best choices in Southern California. Here, we have selected 10 low budget wedding venues in Southern California under 5000 which offer packages for wedding ceremonies and receptions that can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Mirage Restaurant and Banquet Hall

This fabulous restaurant is a magical and peaceful place to enjoy your wedding celebration. This location features popular and delicious Afghan and Italian cuisine. The hall consists of two rooms. Both have high ceilings and beautiful and warm plaster walls. The Banquet Hall is very much alive with the addition of decorations of different colorful flowers and ornaments for special wedding day.

This is one of cheap wedding halls that can accommodate 150 guests. Estimated cost is between $4,235 and $7,406 for a ceremony and reception for 100 guests.

Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church

It is a welcoming and beautiful place with mature redwoods and religious background that will be ideal  to hold your wedding ceremony and reception. As one of the best outdoor spots for weddings in the Los Angeles area, this site provides four stunning spaces for your ceremony and reception.

This location can accommodate about 150 guests for indoor or outdoor wedding. It is one of the beautiful wedding venues in California on a budget. For a ceremony and reception for 100 guests, it costs you between $4,903 and $14,580.

Fenyes Estate Garden at Pasadena Museum of History

Celebrate your happy wedding day in the stunning and beautiful park at Pasadena’s Museum of History’s Fenyes Mansion. Set in the heart of the historic famous “Millionaire’s Row” residential area, it offers you a backdrop that showcases a period elegance and old world charm for your magical outdoor ceremony. There are many ferns and hundreds of exotic lilies and amaryllis that bloom throughout spring and summer.

  • Address: 470 West Walnut Street Pasadena, CA 91103
  • Phone: 626.600.1661 ~ 626.577.1660
  • Website: Pasadena Weddings

This wedding spot is able to accommodate about 200 guests. $2,854 and $3,192 are the range of budget needed for the cost of a wedding ceremony for 100 guests.

La Traviata

It is one the best places to have a winter wedding in Los Angeles. Celebrate your happy wedding day together with your beloved family and friends at La Traviata located at Willmore Building. This place is a historic and prestigious building that will bring together the essence of downtown Long Beach culture and a wonderful dining venue.

Experience a sophisticated banquet facility equipped with multimedia, WiFi, TV and a sound system that can accommodate a small or large wedding party. This place is equipped with on-site kitchen and has a professional chef to prepare your favorite wedding menu.

  • Address: 301 N Cedar Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, USA
  • Phone: +1 562-432-8022
  • Website: La Traviata

This wedding site is able to accommodate at maximum 115 guests for only indoor ceremony and reception. Its average wedding cost is between $3,575 and $14,465 for 100 guests.

Oak Canyon Nature Center

You will never get in trouble to find the best places to get married in Southern California. One of the best garden weddings in Los Angeles is Oak Canyon Nature Center.

Discover one of unique and scenic outdoor wedding venues Orange County! This spot offers you a majestic canopy of coastal oaks to share your special and happy day with your family and friends.

It is specialized for only outdoor wedding ceremony that accommodate about 200 guest at maximum. As one of the most affordable small wedding venues in Los Angeles, it costs you about $780 for a wedding ceremony only for 100 guests.

Point Fermin Park

There is a wide selection of the best outdoor wedding venues in Southern California. One of them is Point Fermin Park in San Pedro. For you who want a wedding location in the park, this place offers 37 landscaped spots. The spots include lawns, colorful gardens, balconies beside the palisade, and pergolas.

There are several trails that will take you to the beach and tidal pools that offer an adventurous wedding experience. There are also two very comfortable and inviting small amphitheaters that can be used for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

The maximum capacity for outdoor ceremony and reception is for 200 guests. To show a romantic impression in this place, you can decorate it with balloons or paper lanterns. You will really enjoy a wedding reception filled with games, drinks, food, music and dance as the sun sets and the stars start to shine. All you will get in this serene and natural environment.

  • Address: 807 W Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA 90731, USA
  • Phone: +1 310-548-7705
  • Website: Point Fermin Park

Approximately what is the estimated cost of marriage in this place? This location is one of the best inexpensive outdoor wedding venues. They offer between $3,427 and $5,103 for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception that can be attended by about 100 guests.

Cabrillo Beach Bath House

This wedding location offers you indoor or outdoor service for your wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Its location close to the beach will certainly offer you a beautiful place for your wedding photos. This location also has a beautiful and spacious interior.

The wooden floor provides a touch of vintage and rustic. The lights hanging from the high ceilings combined with natural light generated from multiple windows will provide the perfect blend of brightness to illuminate your newlyweds’ evenings.

The maximum capacity for indoor or outdoor ceremonies and wedding receptions is 200 guests. Cabrillo Beach Bath House is one of the best small wedding venues Los Angeles.

What about the cost of wedding? Cabrillo Beach Bath House offers you wedding cost between $4,037 and $12,602 for 100 guests for either ceremony or reception. So, if you are looking for inexpensive wedding venues Los Angeles, here is one place you can consider.

Cypress Ridge Pavilion

If you want to hold your wedding ceremony indoor then carry out outdoor recreation reception, or vice versa, then this location is what you need. It features a beautiful and natural lake scenery surrounded by towering cypress trees.

The interior is decorated with cathedral wood beam ceilings, wide glass windows, and crackling fireplace. All make this place as one of the most stunning settings on the Central Coast.

  • Address: 1050 Cypress Ridge Pkwy, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420, USA
  • Phone: +1 805-474-7979
  • Website: Cypress Pavilion

This place can accommodate about 140 guests for indoor and outdoor ceremony. For the outdoor ceremony and reception, this place can accommodate a maximum of 250 guests. The wedding costs offered for 100 guests is between $ 4,500 and $ 18,590.

Country Garden Caterers

Country Garden Caterers is a historic old building built in 1928. The impression of a unique building is very visible from its interior. It has brick facades and terracotta floors and beautiful stained glass windows and ancient streetlights.

For indoor wedding ceremony, it can accommodate approximately 130 guests maximum. And for the indoor reception, it can accommodate about 200 guests. If you intend to rent this wedding venue, then you should set aside funds between $ 3,211 and $ 14,906 for 100 guests.

Meadowlark Golf Club

It would be great to hold a wedding ceremony outdoor and then having an indoor wedding reception. If this is what you want, Meadowlark Golf Club is a venue that will give you an amazing location to make your dream come true. It has cozy balconies, unique ground-floor foyer, and wonderful landscape.

With the towering, graceful backdrop of trees and vast expanses of meadows, this place will create memories that will not be forgotten when you take your vows. After swearing vows, the guests can continue to one of the balconies to enjoy a relaxing cocktail hour.

Address: 16782 Graham St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA
Phone: +1 714-846-1364
Website: Meadowlark Golf Club

Meadowlark Golf Club is one of the best cheap outdoor wedding venues in southern California. If you want to rent it, it cots you between $2,051 and $7,210 for a ceremony and reception for 100 guests.

Marriage should not only be a happy day for us but it can also provide peace of mind for us. One way we can do to create a peace of mind is by choosing an affordable wedding venue. For this kind of venue, one of the 10 most affordable wedding venues in southern California mentioned above will surely be a great choice for you who are looking for cheap wedding venues in California.

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